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AURA National 24-Hour Championship – Coburg.  5-6 April 2014.

Six years after completing the 12-Hour track-race, Nick Gleeson, who is totally blind, returned to Coburg to compete in the 24-Hour race, which was held on a 400-metre running track. Nick covered 98 kilometres in the 24 hours and is considering a future attempt to break the 100-kilometre barrier. Assisted by two alternating guides, Nick did not sleep in the 24 hours. After the event, Nick paid tribute to the organisers, who had treated him with the “same respect and courtesy extended to all competitors.” He also mentioned the “special” camaraderie and mateship of the event.


The Australian Running Festival – Canberra. 11-12 April 2014

The Achilles Running Club Sydney had two visually-impaired runners competing at the Festival. Majella Knobel competed in the 10K, guided by a member of our sister-club in Canberra. Andrew van der Saag completed his first Marathon. Majella and Andrew had been part of the nine visually-impaired Achilles competitors at the Orange Running Festival held in February.


City to Surf

Achilles will probably have 10 visually-impaired competitors in the 2014 City to Surf. These competitors will scattered in all the racing categories, from the competitive Red Group [sub 70-minutes through to walkers in the festive Back-of-the Pack. In the coming weeks, Achilles will be matching a team of volunteer guides with each of the competitors. The City to Surf is a key event in the Achilles calendar.


In addition to being involved in regular running events, Achilles members often enjoy bushwalks in Sydney’s many regional parks. Some of the walks are challenging, with members training for events such as Coastrek. Most, however, are not difficult and can be completed by people with normal fitness levels. The emphasis is on fun and companionship. All visually-impaired hikers are accompanied by experienced Achilles guides.


The Achilles Running Club is an organisation that supports people with a psychical impairment by providing them with the opportunity to take part in walking and running activities. If you would like to find out more about the Club, or would like to join, please visit their website


Ben and Markus finishing the CP Ultra 2013

Ben and Markus finishing the CP Ultra 2013

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