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Services Providers Roadmap

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Living With A Vision Impairment

Where do I Go? Did you know that 50% of people have eye and sight problems? Follow us, we can help!

Newly suffering with a vision impairment can be a daunting and confusing process, trying to shuffle through and process myriads of information.

Step 1
Get Help
GP (no referral)
Optometrist (no referral)
Ophthalmologist (referral needed)
Low vision services (no referral)

Step 2
The next step is to proceed with making an appointment. You will be pointed in the right direction, after chosing one of the options from step 1.


Seek Help Immediately
If you experience sudden loss, pain, change in visual field

Go To
Ophthalmologist or your nearest eye hospital

Low Vision Services

For low vision services, you can contact Guide Dogs Australia  the nations leading providers of orientation and mobility services.

Services available are: Low Vision Clinic, Neurological Servcies, Centre For Eye Health, Mobility Devices, Canes, Mini Guides, Guide Dogs, GPS, Orientation & Mobility, Community Education, Access & Advocacy

Common Eye Facts

50% Of us have undiagnosed eye problems
87% Of people over 45 have at least one eye problem
80% Vision impairment can be prevented
50% Of people with Glaucoma in Australia are undiagnosed

Support– Vision loss doesn’t mean loss of independance. Support is available.

Prevention is better than cure, early detection is the key. Don’t delay help is available today!

Contact your nearest Guide Dogs Office and a member of the client services team will contact the referred person.

1800 804 805


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