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Respect My Uniform

A guide dog standing in her harness

You wouldn’t distract a police officer on duty, or pat a school teacher that was trying to teach a class. For this reason it would  then be irresponsible to distract a Guide Dog In harness.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is urging the community to not distract a Guide Dog when it’s in its harness. Like a uniform, when the dog is wearing this harness, he/she should not be pulled away from their work. Guide Dogs play a vital role in the safety of their handler. To ensure their handler remains safe at all times, dogs cannot be distracted by an onlooker wanting a pat, to give the working dog food or even simply by saying hello. This article explains the importance of not distracting these beautiful dogs, although they seem very approachable, please resist getting their attention.


-Hollie Hemsworth


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