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Vision loss can have a severe impact on a person and each individual handles this life changing event in their own way. We have compiled a list of resources which will be beneficial to people with low vision, as well as their family and friends.

In this section, we have provided a thorough list of resources.

The following skills provide a practical, comfortable and safe means of guiding a person who is blind or vision impaired. If you are not sure what to do, don’t be afraid to ask. Good communication is the key to being a good guide.

Touch the back of your hand to theirs. The person will then hold your arm just above the elbow. Walk at a comfortable pace and avoid potential hazards.

Narrow spaces
Tell the person that you are approaching a narrow space. Slow down and move your guiding arm behind your back. The person will be able to step behind you.

When you place your guiding hand on the chair, the person will be able to find the chair and sit down.

Infographic displaying guiding techniques