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Here is a fascinating 6 minute piece on a young boy’s desire to see the world before he goes blind. This fun loving young boy Samuel, who has an undiagnosed inherited eye condition, wants to build up a memory bank … Read More

Online CPD activities and modules to help optometrists

Police have introduced new processes to assist members of the community who are blind or vision impaired in communicating with emergency services. Read More

Sally-Anne Giliam reviews The Conductor by Sarah Quigley. Set in 1941, the city of Leningrad is about to be placed under siege by the Germans marching into Russia. Read More

Are you getting screened regularly? Optometry Australia is concerned Australians are not getting their eyes regularly checked and this may have a significant impact on Australia’s economy in future years. According to the chairman of Optometry Australia Andrew Harris, 80% … Read More

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