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Low Vision Assessment

Man getting his eyes tested

Eye testing facility at Centre For Eye Health, Sydney NSW


People with low vision have reduced sight which cannot be corrected with glasses. Low vision can cause problems in everyday life such as:

  • Inability to read your mail
  • Difficulty watching TV
  • Difficulty negotiating stairs, landscapes and busy roads
  • Going shopping
  • Difficulty travelling on public transport

If you’re having trouble with these or other daily tasks due to poor vision, a low vision assessment can help you to live safely and independently with low vision.

Low vision testing can be performed by an orthoptist and/or optometrist, who specialise in low vision. They will:

  • assess your current vision needs
  • recommend aids to assist you in your chosen tasks
  • provide a referral for orientation and mobility or further low vision services, if needed
  • recommend referral to an ophthalmologist or optometrist if required
Man having test at low vision clinic

Low vision clinic testing facilities, Chatswood NSW



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