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Infographic Outlining Eye Care Professionals

Infographic Outlining Eye Care Professionals

Eye care professionals

General Practitioners
General practitioners are often the first port of call for eye conditions. They will provide immediate
assessment and treatment of the problem and may refer you to an ophthalmologist.

An ophthalmologist (also known as an eye specialist or eye sur geon) is a specialist medical practitioner
who provides diagnostic, treatment and preventative medical services related to diseases, injuries and
deficiencies of the human eye and associated structures.
For more information on ophthalmologists visit the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of
Ophthalmologists website

Ophthalmic nurses
Ophthalmic nurses can be Registered or Enrolled nurses. They typically provide nursing care to patients
being treated by an ophthalmologist.

Optometrists specialise in the management of disorders of the eyes and vision system. Optometrists
prescribe spectacles and contact lenses and carry out treatment for eye disorders. Unlike
ophthalmologists, optometrists do not perform surgery but may p rescribe drugs to treat some
eye diseases.

Optometrists can check your vision and prescribe lenses to help you see clearly. This is known as
correcting refractive error. They can also examine your eye health by looking at the retina, optic nerve
and macula of the eye. This is where the first sign of eye disease can appear. Optometrists may
prescribe treatments for some eye disease and they can also refer to ophthalmologists if required.
Optometrists may bulk-bill for services which are funded by Medicare.

For more information on optometrists visit the Optometrists Association Australia website

Orthoptists specialise in the diagnosis and management of disorders of eye movements and associated
vision problems. They perform investigative procedures appropriate to disorders of the eye and vision
system and help with rehabilitation of patients experiencing vision loss.

Optical dispensers and optical mechanics
Optical dispensers interpret optical prescriptions as well as fit and service optical appliances such as
spectacles frames and lenses. Optical mechanics operate machine s to grind, polish and surface optical
lenses to meet prescription requirements. Optical mechanics also fit lenses to spectacle frames.