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For many people who have lost their vision,  counselling can assist with acceptance, adjustment to everyday living and family understanding. An appointment with a psychologist can help them and their families adjust to life with vision impairment.

Vision impaired lady with cane, talking closely with counsellor


Contact can be done by way of self-referral or through health professionals, community agencies, family members and friends. Servcies available include counselling, and many are provided free to clients. Counselling services available are; Low Vision Clinics and support groups which are designed to not only increase a person’s independence in mobility but, just as importantly, overcome the isolation that can often come with losing sight. These services also promote social, emotional and physical well-being.

Many counselling services conducts a variety of community and professional education workshops about vision impairment. These can be adapted to medical and paramedical professionals, vision impairment program staff, carers, HAAC workers and school teachers.

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