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The 5th Australasian Orientation and Mobility Conference will be taking place in Melbourne on the 13th and 14th of November, 2015. Registrations are still open. This is an exciting chance to engage with colleagues in the orientation and mobility field … Read More

World Diabetes Day held on the 14th of November, 2015 focuses on  healthy eating. The International Diabetes Federation is holding local and national  events throughout Australia that highlight the continual benefits of healthy eating. This year’s campaign “Act to change your life today” brings attention to … Read More

The Statewide Resource Centre in Victoria is hosting this years Victorian Technology Expo 2015. Quantam, Humanware, Guide Dogs Victoria and other specialist vision loss services will be showcasing their new products on the market, from talking computer software, to electronic magnification to … Read More

Do you need more information about the NDIS roll out? How you might access the scheme and how to prepare? The NDIS is going to have  a huge impact on service provision for people with disabilities. It’s estimated that 245,000 … Read More

The New World Conference: Disability in the 21st Century. How will technologies transform the lives of people with disabilities in the future? NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is proud to host the New World Conference: Disability in the 21st Century. The conference and … Read More

Vision researchers in Boston have recently published a paper of a study which evaluates how well drivers with binocular  central field loss such as Macular Degeneration can detect pedestrians whilst driving. A person with a  central vision loss such as Macular Degeneration is still able to drive as … Read More

Eliminating Blindness. How did the statistics get so high? Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders have 6 times more blindness than non-indigenous adults and 3 times as much vision loss. These are shocking statistics when 94% of the vision loss is unnecessary, … Read More

Gene therapy cures blindness by replacing vision cells in eyes. A new type of gene therapy to reprogramme cells in the eye to sense light could cure blindness. Research, whereby blind mice were treated with this new gene therapy were able … Read More

Can a new eye drop replace the need for cataracts surgery? Researches have  developed a new solution made of lanosterol which has been effective for the treatment of cataracts in dogs, rabbits and on synthetic cataracts made in the lab. … Read More

Microsoft’s new operating system is here but just how accessible is it? Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10 has now arrived world wide and there are a number of new accessibility improvements. The internet explorer has been replaced with Microsoft Edge but are screen … Read More