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Alicia discusses her world changing due to the iPhone and its accessibility apps including google maps. Stargardt’s is a hereditary disease which is a form of macular degeneration.  This disease causes the cells of the retina to die. Alicia is a … Read More

Diagnosis is the first step to preserving your vision. Early detection and appropriate treatment WILL save sight! Research has shown that a contact lens designed with a built-in sensor may indicate which glaucoma patients have an increased risk in disease … Read More

Lego becomes a building block to technical innovation. Engineers are knocking on the door of 13 year old Shubham Banerjees house after he built a Braille printer out of Lego. The printer was designed at the kitchen table in his … Read More

 Finding Nemo, Brave, Monsters Inc, Up and Cars 2 are available on iTunes with audio description. The Australian iTunes store introduced audio description to its followers last September. Netflix sent audio description to Australia last year as well, and it … Read More

 Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital have discovered the possibility to restore visual function in patients blinded by glaucoma, which damages the optic nerve. Scientists have restored vision in mice affected by optic nerve injury. They achieved this by using the … Read More

Rats have helped establish a new technique  that has the potential to prevent vision loss in inherited diseases.   A research team at the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute have begun to focus on inherited retinitis pigmentosa. This degenerative … Read More

A large intake of dietary nitrate and leafy green vegetables has been proven to lower the risk of open-angle glaucoma by 20-30 percent. An increase in intraocular pressure and impaired autoregulation of optic nerve flow are implicated in primary open-angle … Read More

First British woman with ‘a bionic eye’ has spoken about her ability to see again, thanks to a successful retinal implant. Due to an ongoing trial at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital, a 49 year old mother of two has been implanted … Read More

New Toolkit to support eye care for Indigenous Australians is now available for health care professionals. Health services now have access to a new tool kit that can help to improve eye care for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities. … Read More

Eye research receives a $13 million dollar boost in 2016.The Australian Government has committed $13 million to 23 eye research projects throughout Australia, including projects from Save Sight Institute and the Centre for Eye Research Australia. “Australia is a world leader … Read More