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Modifications to your home  by Jackie Waters. When you’ve recently learnt that you will be sharing your home with a relative with a vision loss it can be hard to know what modifications need to be made to ensure the home is accessible and safe.  When … Read More

A new revolutionary gadget is being designed in Australia for people who are blind and vision impaired. It  uses lasers to detect non protruding obstacles in a user’s path. Australian engineers have developed a new electronic device that can identify the … Read More

An inspiring podcast about Simon Wheatcroft, a young marathon runner who is blind, who tackles  a 250 km desert run in Namibia. He shares the journey leading up to the run which has both highlights and many challenges. This story shows just how determined Simon is to … Read More

Restoring some sight after two decades of losing sight must feel remarkable. Delvin Kehoe, after losing his sight 18 years ago due to a  disease can now see lights, shapes, birds and even his own face thanks to a remarkable … Read More

Guide Dogs Tasmania recently created a ‘Garden of Memories’.  This garden was built as a memorial where clients and instructors could reflect on their dogs’ lives and the service they performed as past Guide Dogs. This is a beautiful way … Read More

There are 5 easy ways to improve a blogs accessibility. Due to the internet it is easy to have your voice heard with the use of social media sites such as Facebook and blogging sites like Tumblr and WordPress. It … Read More

The NDIS started to toll our across Australia on the 30th of June. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is a disability system that provides all Australians under the age of 65 with a disability the much needed support they … Read More

You wouldn’t distract a police officer on duty, or pat a school teacher that was trying to teach a class. For this reason it would  then be irresponsible to distract a Guide Dog In harness. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is urging … Read More

Could this be the cure for many types of inherited blindness? A small study conducted by the University of Oxford could lead to potential cures for common causes of vision loss including Macular Degeneration.   This treatment involves injecting a … Read More

There is an epidemic of short-sightedness in children worldwide. Could this rise of Myopia be a result of children spending less time outside? A study conducted by the  University of Technology Sydney, ‘The Sydney Myopia Study’ aims to pinpoint what  … Read More