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Ballyland Childrens Game

Ballyland screenshot

Ballyland is a new, educational computer game for children who are blind or have low vision, created by Sonokids. It’s very easy to use and perfectly designed for very young children, or those who are just learning how to use a computer. It is available for Windows PC’s and Mac computers. Ballyland is ideal for early learning in the home, or at school.

Ballyland features the Ballylanders, five balls with different characters and signature sounds that can be easily recognised. The Any Key Goes mode enables children to safely explore the computer keyboard on their own. Each key only triggers a sound, song or story. If the child knows where to find the keys with the signature sounds of the five Ballylander, he or she has already learned important skills, on which more formal keyboarding and touch typing skills can be built in the future. For children who are blind or have severe vision loss, the development of effective touch tying skills is essential in education. A series of Ballyland Key Games introduce one key at a time, and help the child understand the concept of how the particular key is used. Ballyland’s original songs are a proven ‘hit’, with children reportedly singing or dancing along.

Ballyland is used around the world, in children’s homes and in early learning programs. All children love Ballyland, with its simple, colourful images and clear sounds. And children who are blind or have low vision will experience specific usability and accessibility features to help them learn a range of different skills.

Above all, Ballyland offers children who are blind or have low vision the chance to simply have fun on a computer, and to play and learn independently.

To purchase the program or to download a free trial, visit the website:

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