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Get Around with Guide Dogs

Get around with Guide Dogs is a series on radio stations 2RPH and 1RPH. The series, made up of fortnightly 5 minute segments, brings together a range of experts, clients and staff to discuss different vision conditions and the services we provide to help those in need.

To listen to the segments you can either catch them on 2RPH, 1RPH or simply download the mp3s on this page. See below for access to all vision loss audio files:

1. Introduction to Guide Dogs

2. Guide Dogs – What are they/how do they help

3. The Low Vision Clinic

4. Eye Health

5. Introduction to Retinitis Pigmentosa

6. International White Cane Day

7. Introduction to Diabetes

8. Introduction to Glaucoma

9. Children’s Services

10. Neurological Vision Impairment

11. Gadgets & Gizmos

12. Colin Martin interview

13. Community Education

14. Puppy Breeding Centre

15. Instructor Training

16. Multicultural Training (

18. Special Needs

19. Mobility over life stages

20. Canes

21. Vision loss and depression

22. Industry training

23. 2012 Client Survey

24. NDIS

25. A Vision For All Campaign

26. Jenny Blow Interview

27. Audio Description

28. Media Accessibility Overview

29. Introduction to Facebook

30. Introduction to Twitter

31. Experience Unseen Travel Awards

32. Introduction to Youtube

33. Website accessibility

34. Daniel Searle Interview

35. Interview with Colleen Thompson

36. Interview with Annmaree Yee Part 1 and Part 2

37. Interview with Coral Arnold

38. Interview with Mary Hooker

39. Interview with Deb Warren

40. Interview with Deb Warren – Kilimanjaro Trek

41. Interview with Rebecca Wong

42. Interview with Alan Bornefeldt

43. Interview with Katherine Walshaw

44. Interview with Samantha Alexander