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Audio Book Review June

Vision Loss Monthly Audio Book Review – June

The Light Betwenn Oceans Book CoverTITLE:        The Light Between Oceans
AUTHOR:   M L Stedman
SOURCE:   iBook

This is the story of a young man returned to Australia after spending a gruelling four years fighting in World War 1.

Set in the 1920’s, Tom Sherbourne takes up a position as the lighthouse keeper on a small isolated island called Janus Rock. Here he finds the time and space to come to terms with his feelings after some of the horrors he has witnessed Tom brings his young wife Isabel to live with him on the island and she brings joy and laughter to his quiet life.

One day a small boat washes ashore carrying a dead man and a live baby. Isabel, having had two miscarriages and one stillbirth sees this event as a ‘gift from God’ and she persuades the normally diligent Tom to delay reporting the incident to the mainland for a couple of days.

The story builds fairly quickly and I often found myself wondering what decision I would have made if I had been faced with this dilemma?

Was this a case of good people making bad decisions or can we more easily justify our actions when the outcome will be in our favour?

I found this a compelling read even though I thought it a bit predictable at first. Stedman certainly paints a great picture of a really isolated island and her description of the small mainland town of Point Partageuse, leaves no doubt in one’s mind of how a close knit community  looks after its own and can ‘hide’ something that may be seen as shameful.

I was never quite sure how I felt about Isabel and her true motivations – was she really disturbed or just a bit self-indulged?

I would recommend this book to readers who love a good story set against the background of small town Australia.

Definitely some food for thought!

This audio book review was written by Sally-Anne Giliam.

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