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Educational Childrens Apps

Fun, educational children’s apps encourage visual scanning and tracking, and stimulate a child’s remaining vision. The apps assist with developing an understanding of cause and effect, concept development and complement travel training programs by creating travel stories.

All apps are suitable for children with a vision loss and are often used by Orientation & Mobility instructors at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT to support children’s programs.

colAR Mix – Print, colour and see your drawing in beautifully hand-animated 3D worlds!

Story Creator – Great for creating individual stories with audio, pictures & text to share with friends and family.

Glow Draw – The bright colours and high contrast of the drawing tools make it a fun app for children with low vision.

Singing Fingers – High contrast drawing app with a fun audio component.

Balloonz – A fun app for children with low vision to promote tracking, scanning and cause & effect understanding.

Eye Movement Training – A great app for children with low vision to encourage tracking and scanning.

Find Marlee – See if you can find where Marlee is playing on the beautiful beach.

Spot Friends – Challenge your Facebook friends to spot the difference against the clock!

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